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This is normally when I put together a big list of games I played in the previous year, but while I’m working on that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs from last year, in pseudo-particular order. I get my music recommendations from some combination of friends, random bands that I get to see, Sirius XM Alt Nation radio, and Spotify. The songs are embedded below, but here’s a link to a Spotify playlist with them all too.

Cage The Elephant – “Come A Little Closer”
I wasn’t a big fan of their new full length on the whole, but “Come A Little Closer” hits all the right notes for me as a follow up to some of my favorite songs of theirs, like Back Against the Wall and Aberdeen. It’s something I would want to play in Rock Band all the time if that was still a thing.

Two Door Cinema Club – “Changing of the Seasons”
This song excites me as much as the their original 2010 album. I need to try to see them in concert sometime soon in LA.

Young the Giant – “It’s About Time”

I always liked Young the Giant, but this song hit late in the year and I’ve been listening to it ever since. I’m a big fan of the upbeat tempo, compared to what I’m used to hearing from them…I think it actually suits the vocals better than something like “Apartment.”

New Politics – “Harlem”
One of my guilty pleasure songs from the year. Don’t have much more to say than that. >_>

Imagine Dragons – “Demons”
Imagine Dragons exploded in popularity this year – I can’t turn on my TV without hearing “Radioactive” on a commercial. So while “Demons” hasn’t been ignored, it certainly hasn’t gotten the respect it deserved being on the same album. This is the only one between the two that has stayed on my playlists.

Fitz and The Tantrums – “The Walker”
It’s a happy song, and the world needs more happy songs. I gained extra appreciation for it when I found out the song’s lyrics are actually about a homeless guy who aimlessly walks around Silver Lake at night, because writing a song about that is a very LA thing to do.

Cold War Kids – “Miracle Mile”
I liked CWK’s last effort (“Mine is Yours”) quite a lot more than most people, and Miracle Mile reminds me most of it out of all the tracks on the new album. I’m glad this one has proven to be more popular for them.

Capital Cities – “Safe & Sound”
Yet another band you can’t turn on a radio without hearing now. I turned down about a dozen opportunities to see Capital Cities this year and regret not going.

NONONO – “Pumpin Blood”
In the same vein as “The Walker” above on this list, it’s a very upbeat song. I whistle along to this in the car way too much.

American Authors – “Believer”
I wasn’t sure whether to include “Believer” or “Best Day Of My Life” on the list from American Authors, and then realized I’d played “Believer” about twice as much because I don’t hear it on the radio anymore. It’s a damn good song that I hope doesn’t get lost.

Bastille – “Pompeii”
Awesome vocals, unique instrumentation, clever lyrics…I can’t think of a band who had a better first impression on me than Bastille with this song, except for maybe…

The Mowgli’s – “San Francisco”
This band came out of nowhere to be my new local favorite. I got to go to their album launch concert and hear all their new stuff for the first time live, and I’ve seen them twice since then including a New Year’s Eve concert. All of their music puts me in a good mood, but none so much as “San Francisco.”