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Winding Down

Posted on Dec 5, 2008 in Blog | 0 comments

Just finished my last week of classes for the semester. It’s been a busy one, so busy in fact that I completely forgot to post about Audiball when it was released. The game has been out for three weeks now on Xbox Live Community Games, and we’re getting great positive feedback from players. Check it out and let me know what you...

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Audiball & IGF

Posted on Oct 31, 2008 in Blog | 0 comments

Indiecisive Games’ debut title Audiball was entered into the Independent Games Festival today. I’m still working on content for the upcoming XBLCG release, but since I hadn’t posted anything about the game on my blog yet, I figured this was as good of a time as any. Please let me know what you think of the trailer we’ve released, and feel free to email me any questions you may have about the...

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Rock Band 2: It’s A Lot Like Rock Band

Posted on Sep 26, 2008 in Blog, Now Playing | 0 comments

Picked up Rock Band 2 last weekend with high expectations. The original Rock Band was my favorite rhythm game to date, and I couldn’t wait to see how they improved upon the original. It turns out that the biggest improvements are quite minimal on paper. The single player campaigns have been axed in favor of using Tour mode for everything and a few “challenges” that consist of playing various sets of songs with certain instruments. The online modes have been left mostly the same, but tour mode is now online as “Battle of the Bands,” so the old modes are somewhat irrelevant to me. Combining the songs I’ve downloaded with the songs imported from the original Rock Band, I have over two hundred songs available to play in Rock Band 2. Choosing a song to play is like looking at someone’s iTunes library. It’s better than the original in every facet of gameplay and presentation, but of course, the game’s own song selection is what really matters, and it somehow manages to best its predecessor. It’s got Bon Jovi, Journey, Modest Mouse, Blondie, Beck, and more. Many of the songs aren’t obvious, and that’s what makes it so great. So basically, it’s still Rock Band. And I couldn’t recommend it more for rhythm game...

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Spore – Exactly as Advertised

Posted on Sep 7, 2008 in Blog | 2 comments

Remember Will Wright’s awesome live demo of Spore way back at GDC 2006? Well, the final product shipped last week and all the promises have been kept – but at the same time, it isn’t quite what I expected. Often I feel more like I’m playing a comibnation of KidPix and KOTOR than The Sims Space Animal Edition. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I guess I’m trying to say that Spore’s audience won’t be quite as large as The Sims 3. I’ll certainly get plenty of playtime out of it though, especially with the new PC:...

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About the Indiecisive Project

Posted on Sep 2, 2008 in Blog | 0 comments

Expect an announcement by the end of next month. The game is coming along nicely – a bit ahead of schedule, actually, and if everything goes well, you should be able to play it on your Xbox 360 this year.

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The Honors Potty Chart

Posted on Aug 20, 2008 in Blog, School | 0 comments

chart I was cleaning up some old photos off my camera and I came across this. As a joke last year in the dorms, I collaborated with a few friends to pull a prank on everyone living on my floor. The story was that Georgia Tech Dining was trying to conserve water, and so therefore they would be testing a “water recycling system” (taking drainage from the toliets to use in the dining halls) in order to encourage students to flush when they use the restroom. It’s amazing how many people fell for this, putting up a sticker every time they flushed, especially considering it was an “honors dorm.” It’s probably even more embarrassing for Georgia Tech Dining. Anyways, my biggest contribution to the project was the “official flyer” seen at the bottom, complete with a toliet resting against the rotting...

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