Posted on Nov 4, 2009 | 2 comments

Today’s website launch went better than any of us could have imagined. We launched the site around 12:15 EST. Below are some general stats about the site’s traffic for those who are interested. Assuming 90%+ of our traffic came from Georgia Tech students, it’s somewhat revealing…

Hits: 383,691
Page Views: 281,952
Unique Visitors: 8,770
Average Page Views per Visitor: 32.15
Fans on Facebook: 1258
Bandwidth Used: 8.96 GB

The page view ratio is extremely high. That means people are getting onto the site and staying to read pages upon pages of content. Great news for us!

And some graphs:

Site Activity by Hour of Day
Site Activity by Hour of Day

In typical Tech fashion, the website’s popularity was highest from 11 to midnight. Will with 12AM-1AM slot be even better? It looks like we still haven’t peaked.

Top Referring Sites

Behold the power of Facebook! We didn’t do any advertising for the site other than mentioning it in front of our CS class.

Most Used Browsers
Most Used Browsers

Georgia Tech is probably the only place where Google Chrome users outnumber IE 6, 7, and 8 users combined. The “Others” category was dominated by Blackberry and Opera, but there were also a few hacking tools in there from people who tried (unsuccessfully) to hack the site. At one point, someone did run a script that voted for their post every 30 seconds to raise it to the top of the ratings.

Most Used Operating Systems

Windows Vista narrowly edged out Windows XP for the title of “most used OS.” There were roughly half as many iPhone users as Windows 7 users, and three times as many Mac OS X users as Windows 7 users. To break one Tech stereotype, only 182 people accessed the site from Linux, and 11 poor users were still running Windows 98.