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Audiball is a rhythm-based puzzle game designed around a guitar controller for Xbox 360. It was the first release from my company, Indiecisive Games, and it was a launch title for the Xbox Live Indie Games service. I was responsible for the game’s design, art, and music.

Audiball is available now on Xbox Live Indie Games for $0.99. Click here to go to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download the demo or buy the game. You can play without a guitar controller, too.


MTV Multiplayer featured Audiball as the inaugural title of their “Xbox Live Indie Games Showcase.” Quotes from the article:

  • Audiball is the kind of title that justifies the whole Xbox Live Indie Games initiative.”
  • “…takes the idea of music-as-gameplay well beyond this generation’s rhythm games.”
  • Audiball is moving you beyond the simple single-melody structure of Rock Band and teaching you how to track a fugue, a much tougher and more satisfying activity.”
  • “If you’re a fan of rhythm games and have a Guitar Hero controller you’d like to find a new use for, it’s a must-play.”


Quotes from Destructoid’s 7/10 review of Audiball:

  • Audiball is a competent puzzle game with a refreshing style.”
  • “The last level…is perhaps the most striking example of good design coupled with decent puzzle gameplay.”
  • “Neither repetitive nor distracting, the songs and sounds of the game add to the experience…”
  • “For 200 Microsoft Points, it’s hard to find a reason not to buy this game if you’re a puzzle fanatic armed with a plastic peripheral.


Other articles about Audiball:


Audiball was my first attempt at game design, and although the game turned out well overall, there are plenty of things I would change if I could do it again. I wrote up a fairly lengthy postmortem detailing the game’s production process from start to finish. It was a great learning experience, and I’ll always be grateful for it.


A few players have asked for the game’s soundtrack, and although I can’t imagine why, here it is for download. Individual tracks are below in MP3 format, or you can download a ZIP of the whole thing here: [Download  9.2 MB]