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A Night at the Roculus is a highly immersive next-generation 90’s experience for Oculus Rift. Co-created with Nic Vasconcellos.

The game reached the front page of Reddit within 24 hours of its publication, and has achieved millions of views on YouTube including a video by PewDiePie.


A Night at the Roculus requires an Oculus Rift DK2 or newer. It is available for download on PC and OSX at the game’s official website and Oculus Share.


You will likely have a boatload of fun. Meanwhile your friends will point and laugh at a grown ass man or woman doing head specific dances in complete silence.  - The Onion A.V Club

There have certainly been some ‘out there’ experiences for virtual reality (VR) technology so far…However A Night at the Roculus might top them all with its unusual brand of gameplay. – VR Focus

While technoutopians gush over virtual reality as the future of vision itself…I am more excited by possibilities to help people enjoy being a playful public spectacle. – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

With A Night at the Roculus wearing its inspiration so visibly on its sleeve, it’s difficult to do anything other than give in and join in the nodding frenzy…it’s great to see developers experimenting with the capabilities and implementation of the Oculus Rift technology. – Game Rant

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The game was played in front of a live studio audience on Le Grand Journal, a top nightly talk show on Canal+ in France. You can watch the video here.