Posted on Apr 17, 2008 | 0 comments

“Breakout” is a clone of the classic arcade game designed for the Trazer fitness system under freelance contract for TRAQ 3D. Players control the game by running and jumping side to side. I came up with the idea to adapt the game for the Trazer, approached TRAQ 3D, and earned the contract after putting together a small team. I ended up designing the controls and making all of the art assets. The game is now playable in any TRAQ 3D fitness center, and is also being used to demonstrate the system at fitness conventions.

I made this game with fellow Georiga Tech students Cory Johnson and Ian Guthridge in a development time of about a month, most of which was spent getting the game to run with the Trazer hardware. I organized the project and managed our relationship with TRAQ 3D. Our success working together led to the formation of our independent game studio.