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Floculus Bird is a remake of Flappy Bird in 3D with Oculus Rift support. I made it in about five hours for Flappy Jam, a game jam organized by the indie community to show support for Dong Nguyen.


Non-Rift Version (Play in Browser)

Windows Download (8 MB)

Mac Download (13 MB)

Linux Download (11 MB)


Floculus Bird is completely free, and thus isn’t for sale. If you’d pay money for this game, give it to Child’s Play instead.


If there’s a more ridiculous escalation of Flappy mania, this simply has to be it. I love it. - TouchArcade

Floculus Bird, a virtual reality version of Flappy Bird that’s played with the Oculus Rift, is much more interesting [than other simple clones]. You’re still flying on a 2D plane, but you can look to the left and the right, and above and below you, and the feeling of actually being a bird flying on a 2D path through the pipes from Mario Bros. is one of the stranger experiences one can have in gaming.  – Polygon

There is no shortage of Flappy Bird clones in the world…now we’ve seen something that, at the very least, gives us literally a new perspective on the sadly dead hit game. – Huffington Post

An event where programmers were invited to create games based on Dong Nguyen’s original came up with one huge standout: Floculus Bird. - Stuff Magazine

Live and relive the wonderful experience frontal impact with green tubes. These are the stocks that make us drool on virtual reality. – Wired Italy, in unaltered Google Translate form

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