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Stick to It is a one-button puzzle-platformer for iOS devices. Reunite Spike and his mommy by sticking, rolling and flinging him through 80 levels. Spike will stick to whatever he touches when you touch the screen, and he’ll let go when you release.

Stick to It was the first project I designed and directed in my professional game development career. I came up with the initial concept in a game jam and pitched it back to my team at Magic Pixel Games. The company decided to use the game jam prototype as the basis for a product that would help us test the waters with iOS development, and Stick to It was born.

The game had about a month of pre-production, then went into production with a team that consisted of one veteran programmer and myself for two months. In the third month, a veteran level designer and three artists were added to the team to bring it to completion. The total project length was around four months. After completion, I made the trailer and ran our modest marketing campaign.


Stick to It  has a 5 star review average with over 300 reviews on the app store, and was downloaded over 40,000 times in its first five days of availability. Here’s what the press had to say:

“The only thing you do is touch anywhere on the screen. It works. It’s fun until the end, and doesn’t overstay its welcome.”

Review from Game Informer


“Whenever I feel like the physics puzzle format is completely played out, Fahey slides me another download code, and the thing turns out to be pretty good. Stick To It, ahem, adheres to the basic principles of the genre, but shows there are still clever ways to challenge players to finish a puzzle with an economy of moves.”

Review from Kotaku


“Stick To It is well designed and the simplicity of the controls make it easy for anyone to play.”

Review from AppAdvice


“Well here we have another physics game with a “cute” main character who is trying to get reunited with its mom.  Thankfully this game has a slightly different mechanic than most others that we’re used to.”

Review from Touch My Apps

Game Jam Prototype

Here’s the initial prototype I developed independently in about a day during our game jam at Magic Pixel Games, using Stencyl. It’s buggy and incomplete, but was certainly playable enough for us to see the promise in the game’s core mechanic.

Flash is required to play. Click anywhere in the window below to stick, and release to let go. Use the reset button if you get trapped.