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SUPÉR MATADOR 3 brings MATÍAS el MATADOR to a worldwide audience for the first and only time ever. Defeat the evil BULLISIMO in a wild spin on classic platforming action. Tres times the screens, tres times the adventure!

I built this game in 48 hours with a team of five fantastic people for the 2010 Global Game Jam. We won first place at the SCAD-Atlanta/Georgia Tech Jam Site. I came up with the game concept, designed two levels, and wrote the music.

Play it now for free on the Global Game Jam website.

How to Play

Arrow keys to left/right
Spacebar to jump

SUPÉR MATADOR 3 plays like a standard sidescrolling platformer with a twist: the screen is split up into three views of the same level, and you must watch all three to succeed. For example, some platforms are only visible one panel, but they exist in all three.

Jump on bulls to destroy them with your unparalleled bullfighting skills. Watch out for fire-breathing bulls, whose fireballs may appear on any panel. Rescue the dulcinea at the end of each level to continue to the next. Collect all twenty roses if you don’t want to break her heart!


This was my first attempt at composing chiptunes, and also my first time using GarageBand. I own a copy of Reason, but the computers at the Jam site didn’t let me install it. 🙁